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Vulcanized fiber rod is manufactured by winding zinc chloride treated paper on making mandrel to the predetermined wall thickness.  They are then going through puring, drying, rolling, grinding, and sanding processes to get desired inside and outside diameters.  
Vulcanized fiber tube has a density around 1.40 g/cm³.  It has good physical properties,    mechanical properties, dielectric strength, arc resistance, and arc-quenching characteristics.  Because of its excellent machinability, vulcanized fiber tube can be sanded, knurled, spirally cut, threaded, lathed, and easily fabricated to various products.  The major applications of vulcanized fiber tubes are fuse cartridges, high voltage cutout fuse liners, lightning arresters, grommets, insulators, and bushings.1.Vulcanized Fiber Tube, 2.Vulcanised Fibre Tube, 5.Fuse Tube, Fiber Tubing,Vulcanized Forbon tubes, 3.Vulcanized fiber tubing, horn fiber tube, bone fiber tube.  Vulcanized Fibre Tube: Vulcanized Fibre Tube, Vulcanized fibre tubes, 4.Vulcanized fibre tubing, horn fibre tube, bone fibre tube.6.Arc-quenching fuse tube liner 7.Arch quenching tube
Color: Gray, Black, Red, and White
Standard Length: 30", 42", and 48"
Tube Size Range: 3mm-100mm
Phone: 86-136 8453 9099