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Epoxy fiberglass vulcanized fiber combination tube is made by overwrapping vulcanized fiber tube with epoxy resin saturated fiberglass filaments.  The angle of filament winding is usually set at 55°.  Vulcanized fiber tube becomes an integral tube liner which provides gas-generating and arc-quenching characteristics.  Epoxy resin saturated fiberglass provides strength and water resistance.  The combination tube is usually coated with UV resistant paint in gray color.  
Fiberglass/vulcanized fiber combination tube has the following advantages over fiberglass/polymeric synthetics combination tube: no-spark generating, char layer forming to prevent liner from excessive ablation, and the optimum amount of arc-quenching gas generating.  The main application of fiberglass/vulcanized fiber combination tube is used in expulsion fuse tube cutout for interrupting high voltage AC circuits during power surge. 
Fiberglass/Vulcanized Fiber Combination Tube:  1Epoxy fiberglass vulcanized fiber combination tube,/glass fibre tube, glass fiber tube, compound tubing fuse tubes/ bone fiber fuse tube  /  4arc-quenching tubing  / arch quenching tube/ 3arch extinguishing tube, combination tube./ 5Arc-quenching fuse tube liner,Epoxy fiberglass vulcanized fibre combination tube,/  bone fibre fuse tube/2Vulcanized fibre tube coverd fiberglass.
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