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Vulcanized fiber sheet is made from cotton paper or high purity wood cellulose paper.  The layers of paper run through zinc chloride treatment and gelatinize into a homogeneous material of the desired thickness. The gelatinized sheets then go through puring, drying, calendering and finishing processes to get the final chemically pure vulcanized fiber sheets.  Depending on the grades and the applications, vulcanized fiber sheet has a density range from 1.00 g/cm³ to 1.35 g/cm³.  Its strength is similar to aluminum but density is only about half as much as aluminum.  Vulcanized fiber sheet is an excellent industrial material because of its exceptional electrical, physical, mechanical, and chemical properties.  It has good dielectric strength, arc resistance, high structural strength per unit weight, extreme toughness, excellent machinability, and resistance to oils, gasoline, and most solvents. 
Vulcanized fiber sheet is easy to fabricate. The fabricating methods include cutting, sawing, punching, sanding, forming, drilling, planing, milling, broaching, engraving, and printing.  Its major applications are: motor slot liners, motor slot wedges, motor end laminations, switch insulators, arc barriers, arc shields, insulating plates, washers, spacers, gaskets, abrasive disc backings, textile bobbins, spool heads, shuttle patterns, welding masks, furniture veneers, tags, trunks, and cases. vulcanized fiber sheet: Vulcanized fiber sheet, Vulcanized fibre sheet, Vulcanized fiber board, Vulcanized fibre board, Vulcanized fiber roll, Vulcnized fiber disc, abrasive backing, vulcanized fiber gaskets, vulcanized fiber washers, vulcanized fiber welding mask, vulcanized fiber car backing, vulcanized fiber cushion.vulcanized fibre, vulcanized fibrer coil, vulcnized fibre disc, abrasive backing, vulcanized fibre gaskets, vulcanized fibre washers, vulcanized fibrer welding mask, vulcanized fibre car backing, vulcanized fibre cushion 
Color: Gray, Black, Red, White, and other A1colors
Thickness Range: 0.010" to 2"
Standard Sheet Sizes: 48"x48" and 48"x84"
Standard Roll Width: 48"

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